Customer Care Plan

We are a Customer Care DealerGallion Heating and Cooling has been keeping family's comfortable for over 15 years. We offer a better approach to service that can cut the cost of heating and cooling your home and protect your investment in some of the most expensive equipment in your home.

We call it our "Customer Care Comfort Club"

Long before your home comfort system actually breaks down, it silently and unavoidably loses efficiency requiring more energy and more money to keep you comfortable. A recent university study indicates that an average of $32 a month goes right out the window of homes simply because the equipment isn't regularly maintained and 90% of most breakdowns are due to lack of regular maintenance.

Why buy a Customer Care Comfort Club Plan?

  • Reduce monthly utility bills
  • Prolong equipment life
  • Peak Performance
  • Maximize Safety
  • 10% - 20% off repairs
  • Priority Service
  • Regular Rate on Diagnostic Fees 7 Days a Week including Holidays
  • Multi system discounts

If you'd like to learn more, view our Customer Care Comfort Club brochure.

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