Here are some common questions that seem to come up a lot in our business. Read through them and if you still have questions please feel free to contact us.

If I smell natural gas what should I do?

Leave the property immediately. Call Vectren Utility Company's emergency phone number 800-227-1376 to report the gas leak.

What does the arrow mean on the air filter?

The arrow indicates air flow direction and should always be pointed toward the furnace.

How often should I change the filter on my heating and AC unit?

You should change/check your filter every 30 days and change if necessary.

A filter change costs a couple of dollars, but it is the most important thing you can do to avoid problems later. If you let it go, the blower motor works harder, shortening its life or your evaporator coil could become your filter, blocking airflow and causing it to start icing up and this can cost hundreds of dollars to remedy.

If you smoke in your house, have inside pets or a large amount of traffic in the house, this could impact the frequency of how often you change the filter.

Where can I get a replacement filter for my heating unit or water panel for my humidifier?

Gallion Heating & Cooling, Inc. carries a very extensive inventory of filters and water panels. We can special order those hard to find sizes or custom made washable filters. Please contact us with your size needed or to check our inventory.

When should I change the batteries in the thermostat?

Gallion Heating & Cooling, Inc recommends that you change the batteries every 6 months and use an alkaline type battery like Duracell or Energizer.

Will a programmable thermostat reduce my energy consumption?

Yes, programmable thermostats can reduce the energy used for air conditioning or heating by 5 to 30%. Programmable thermostats save money by turning the air conditioner to a higher setting or the furnace to a lower setting when no one is present in the house, or in the evenings when it is cooler. A programmable thermostat does this more efficiently and more regularly then doing it yourself.

Should I be concerned about Indoor Air Quality?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), your exposure to air pollutants can be up to 100 times higher indoors than outdoors. Indoor air quality products handle pollutants, humidity and other issues to improve your comfort level and health.

How can I tell when I need a humidifier?

All homes may need a humidifier if the relative humidity in the home falls below 30%. This is measured by a digital gage that can be purchased at any local retailer. Gallion Heating & Cooling, Inc. has many options for whole home humidifiers.

What does the blinking red light on my American Standard gas furnace mean?

The slow blinking red light indicates the furnace is operating properly with the correct power supply.

What causes the ice to form on the outdoor unit during the cooling mode?

Ice can be caused from numerous things. Some examples are: a dirty filter, low on freon, a blower motor failure or a welded compressor contactor. All of which must be diagnosed and repaired by a licensed HVAC technician from Gallion Heating and Cooling.

How do know if my air conditioner needs Freon?

The system must be checked by a licensed HVAC technician from Gallion Heating & Cooling.

What is the steam rising off our outdoor heat pump?

The steam you see is the when the unit is in the defrost cycle and is perfectly normal.

Should I have my furnace and air conditioner cleaned and checked every year?

YES! If you properly maintain your system it will operate at its best efficiency level throughout the season. Proper maintenance also helps to increase the lifespan of your system. The number one cause of repairs and/or replacement is due to little or no maintenance.